Zurich – Foxtrail

What other city than Zurich to meet up with people I’ve had the chance  to meet abroad? Zurich, the most populated city in Switzerland, the city of unexpected encounters, and the city with the biggest train station of Switzerland! To be able to discover as much as possible of this multi-faceted city, we took part in a Foxtrail, a hunt through the city the can only be completed if all clues and hidden messages are discovered. Having visited Zurich only once and by night, it gave me a very thorough insight of it, and made me only want to discover more of it!

While heading to our respective platforms, we heard music coming from the old part of the main train station. A crowd was learning line dancing thanks to Zürich tanzt! That “Crashkurs” was one of many that this dance festival makes available. What is more, there are also performances, free lessons,  battles, etc. A bit uneasy, we joined the Indian dance class a while, and actually had fun!

Prime Tower Puls 5 Am Ampèresteg, bei der Limmat Paradeplatz Hauptbahnhof Bahnhofstrasse Bahnhofstrasse St. Peter Zurich Tanzt im Hauptbahnhof