Bovisand – Wembury Bay

Although it is possible to go for a swim in Plymouth, the beaches along the coast are much more suitable and pleasant. Bovisand is a holiday park lying just outside the city and is mostly used by locals. Next to Fort Bovisand it features two beaches, private bungalows and is well-served by a bus during the summer, therefore easily accessible even without using a car.

The beach being crowded, we walk along the coast following the SW Coast Path and stop before Wembury Bay. Surprisingly, we only meet few people which makes the walk even more interesting. The views of Plymouth, its breakwater and the coast is breathtaking! Tempted by the cold water on such unusual temperatures, we dive head along the path, directly from the rocks. Unfortunately it’s already time to go back to our guest house, but not before a delicious farm ice cream!

Fort Bovisand and Plymouth in the back SW Coast Path Heybrook Bay looking towards Plymouth Looking towards Wembury Bay Fort Bovisand – looking towards Plymouth