Palo Alto

Although San Francisco is also famous for its fog, Thursday being a rainy day I stayed in Palo Alto. But there were still a lot of great things to discover! 2016 having been an exceptionally wet year after 5 years of severe drought, everything is impressively green.

We started with a walk in the neighbourhood, which is very quiet considering the emplacement of it (10min from the train station and 10min from the Stanford campus). Then a little walk in The Dish, an Environmental Restoration, Habitat Conservation and Recreation area belonging to Stanford University.

If you get the chance to take a walk on the Stanford campus – I can only recommend it to you (and it’s even better by bike)! Beautiful gardens, buildings and delicious french crêpes.

And if you’re tired of the urban life, 15min by car and you’re in the foothills park, enjoying nature and wildlife.

The Dish Stanford Hoover Tower from The Dish SF from The Dish The Dish The Windhover, Stanford Manzanita; if it's a hot summer, just lean against it! They don't even care about us! All green and windy Stanford Papua New Guinea Sculpture Garden