La Luz Trail

It’s my turn to discover one of the fantastic, numerous trails that wander the Sandia Mountains! No need to go very far to get a clear view of the city; the trailhead parking has an elevation of 2150m, while the city is at 1620m. After a smooth start, the trail gets gradually steeper towards the crest. Unfortunately, even in the end of February, there’s is still snow on the trail, so we weren’t able to go further than half of it, but next time for sure!

#PetiteDécouverteDeLaSemaine Did you know that Costa Rica doesn’t have a standardised address system, meaning no street names or numbers? Your address in Costa Rica would look like “200 meters south from the McDonald” or “in front of the 1000 years old olive tree” or even “200 meters south and 450 meters west from the old house”! You’d better know the place by heart if you’re a postman…

First part of the trail through arid-like scenery Junction with the Tramway Trail The trees are getting higher with altitude Snow patches Walking with long clothes despite the sun Albuquerque just before turning back